Tips on how to simply seize gameplay for YouTube

(Pocket-lint) – In the event you’re eager to begin a gaming channel on YouTube, then you’re in all probability on the lookout for the simplest option to seize footage you’ll be able to share.

There are numerous other ways to seize gameplay, some simpler than others. We’re overlaying among the methods we have used totally different software program to seize, save and edit footage that will help you do the identical. 

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Saving footage with Nvidia GeForce Expertise

In the event you’re operating a gaming PC with an Nvidia graphics card then the possibilities are you could have Nvidia’s GeForce Expertise put in. In the event you do not, you actually ought to because it’s nice for quite a lot of various things. 

You should use GeForce Expertise to optimise your video games so that they run effectively. You should use it to overclock your graphics card and get extra FPS out of it. You should use it to take screenshots. 

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It is also one of many best and most helpful instruments for capturing gameplay footage, streaming and recording. 

Step one is to obtain and install GeForce Experience if you haven’t already. When that’s done you can then activate it whenever you like with a simple press of ALT+Z. This brings up an overlay and from there you can do all sorts of things including taking screenshots easily and broadcasting live game footage to Facebook, Twitch or YouTube with ease. 

We’re focussing on recording gameplay here though. 

Instant Replay

Instant replay is one of our favourite options for recording footage. This is a tool which is basically recording all the time, you just then need to click some buttons and it’ll save a specified amount of time from your gameplay. 

In order to use Instant Replay you need to first turn it on from the settings:

Once that’s done it’s activated and you can go about playing your game. When you want to, you can then press ALT+Z and click on Instant Replay again and click save. Though it’s easier to click ALT+F10 whenever you need to save the footage and that will store the last few minutes. 

As default Instant Replay mode captures the last five minutes of footage from when you pressed the buttons. That footage is recorded at in-game resolution, 60 frames per second and at a certain bit rate. You may find that you want to capture at a specific resolution, a higher bit rate or for a longer or shorter period of time. You can easily adjust that in the settings and tweak it accordingly. 

We like to capture three minutes of footage at 1440p generally as that’s short enough to be useful, not too long to take up loads of space on your drive and high quality enough to look good on YouTube. 

Recording footage with GeForce Experience

As well as recording a set amount of time with GeForce Experience, you can also just set it to record. 

Like Instant Replay, recording here can be set to capture at a specific resolution. The difference is you press record and it will start recording but it will only stop when you click to stop. The easiest way to do that is to press ALT+F9 to start recording and press it again to stop. 

Obviously, this means there’s a lot more footage to it and it’ll take up a lot more room too but it’s a really simple system and great for beginners. 


There are a few different standalone tools that you can use to capture footage and stream on the various game streaming platforms. There’s XSplit, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Medal and others. 

We’re personally keen on Streamlabs for quite a lot of causes. In the event you’re on the lookout for one thing a bit extra superior than GeForce Expertise then Streamlabs is the software for you. This not solely allows you to seize and file footage, stream to YouTube, Twitch and Fb however way more apart from. 

Streamlabs offers Multistream, for instance, so you’ll be able to broadcast on a couple of platform on the identical time. It additionally has overlays and widgets to make your gameplay footage and streamed content material snazzier. 

However even for recording functions, it is merely handy. 

We additionally actually like the way in which Streamlabs is linked to your private YouTube account, so the settings are saved within the cloud and you may depend on the identical settings even once you set up it on totally different machines. 

Recording gameplay with Streamlabs

Recording gameplay with Streamlabs is pretty simple. This video above talks by way of many of the primary settings and the best way to arrange Streamlabs so it is going to file footage you’ll be able to then use on YouTube. 

The hot button is to arrange your sport as a supply:

  • Click on on the underside left plus icon to create a scene
  • Click on the identical plus icon on the “sources” field so as to add a supply
  • Select Recreation Seize and click on add supply
  • Double click on sport seize to see the particular settings
  • You’ll be able to then select “auto” or “seize particular window” then select the particular sport (whereas it is operating) 
  • On the backside proper of the software program you will see two buttons subsequent to the inexperienced “Go Reside” button. These are REC and a rewind button
  • These are your file and instantaneous playback buttons that work in an analogous option to GeForce Expertise
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Fundamental recording with Streamlabs

Open up Streamlabs settings and beneath the output and you will find there is a part referred to as “recording” in there you’ll be able to set the place the recordings will probably be saved, you’ll be able to change the standard and set the bit fee. You’ll want to modify the video decision beneath the related part too. 

There’s additionally a replay buffer tab the place you’ll be able to specify the size of recordings within the replay buffer. This is identical logic as Instantaneous Replay. 

It is value noting you can additionally set hotkeys within the settings as effectively. So you’ll be able to set key presses that you should use to begin and cease recording, begin streaming or begin the replay buffer and seize clips. 

We discover one of the best ways to do that is to set the replay buffer to begin earlier than we begin taking part in video games. Do that by clicking the rewind button on Streamlabs when beginning up the sport you are hoping to file. Then click on that button once more to seize the previous few minutes or seconds of gameplay (relying on how lengthy you set the replay buffer timer for). 

Do not neglect your audio

You hopefully know the significance of excellent audio. Not simply out of your gameplay however from your self as effectively. We have written earlier than about the most effective microphones for streaming earlier than and also you may wish to file the most effective audio when taking part in. Different gear may assist if you happen to’re trying to stream in some unspecified time in the future. 

In Streamlabs and GeForce Expertise, do not forget to set your microphone and sound outputs within the settings so your recordings have sound. 

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Enhancing your recordings

There are numerous instruments for modifying your gameplay footage as soon as you’ve got captured it. You would simply use the basic editing tools in YouTube Studio, although these aren’t terribly superior however they’re easy for trimming footage and including audio. 

In the meantime, there are instruments like DaVinci Resolve. This is among the hottest video modifying instruments round, it is also free to make use of, which is the most effective worth, so what extra may you need?

Writing by Adrian Willings.