Ukraine Lastly Getting MiG-29 Fighter Jets From Poland, Slovakia

Over a yr after a European Union consultant first announced plans to transfer jet fighters to Ukraine, final Thursday, Poland lastly introduced it was transferring forward to ship to the Ukrainian Air Power 4 Soviet-vintage MiG-29 jets with which to fight Russia’s large new multi-front invasion, with eight extra to comply with finally.

Then on Friday, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Eduard Heger introduced his nation was additionally lastly continuing with plans it had lengthy aired publicly to switch its 13 MiG-29s to Ukraine. The nation’s solely remaining fight plane, these had been retired final August, due to get replaced by 14 American-built F-16V jets. Till these arrive, fighters from the Czech Republic and Poland are deployed to Malacky airbase to defend Slovakian airspace, per an settlement.

The USA may even compensate for the switch with $745 million in compensation/protection items, whereas the European Union is pitching in 200 million euros. The deal is opposed by the SMER-Social Democracy populist get together, which disapproves of assist to Ukraine and will doubtlessly win an election this September.


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As a result of Ukrainian pilots and maintainers have operated MiG-29s for many years, they’ll use the outdated Soviet jets way more readily than new sorts. Regardless of these being the primary transfers of totally assembled jet fighters to Ukraine, Kyiv earlier proved able to rising the variety of MiGs in service on account of transfers of spare components from NATO members, permitting it to reactivate dilapidated airframes.

mikoyan mig 29

A Polish Air Power MiG-29 with a USAF F-16.

Wikimedia Commons

These preliminary donations could also be adopted by eight or extra further MiG-29s from Poland, and even from Bulgaria.

The White Home initially indicated its assist for transferring MiG-29s to Ukraine in early March 2022. However its stance modified radically later that month, and it successfully quashed these early MiG switch plans. The Spectator finally revealed in an article that Washington was compelled to dam MiG-29 transfers as a part of deal a with China, which in flip allegedly utilized stress on Russia to stop threatening use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Nonetheless, this March North Macedonia did reveal it transferred 4 Su-25 floor assault jets (not fighters) in non-flyable situation to Ukraine in July 2022, the place they have been possible cannibalized to get further Ukrainian Su-25s into the air.

On reflection, Beijing’s concern that transferring jet fighters to Ukraine amounted to a dangerously escalatory threshold appear misplaced, provided that subsequent Western transfers of artillery have been way more vital for Ukraine and deadly to Russian forces. In any case, the Washington-Beijing deal seems to have met its expiration date.

Slovakia’s Fulcrums

The twin-engine MiG-29, NATO codename ‘Fulcrum’, was developed as an agile and comparatively reasonably priced and exportable short-range tactical fighter analogous to the U.S. F-16. It was meant to supply air cowl for the Pink Military and engineered to resist operations from rugged ahead airstrips.

It benefited early in service from the then cutting-edge R-73 short-range heat-seeking missile, although its beyond-visual-range functionality was restricted by its comparatively short-range N019 radar and fewer spectacular R-27 medium-range missiles.

Although constructed to fend off NATO warplanes, the Western alliance ended up inheriting dozens of the Soviet jets when East European states joined NATO following after finish of the Chilly Conflict.

Slovakia inherited 9 single-seat MiG-29As (referred to as Venture 9.12s) and one two-seat MiG-29UB upon the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Slovakia subsequently acquired 12 extra MiG-29As and two MiG-29UBs from Russia as a debt compensation between 1993-1996.

Within the mid-2000s, 10 MiG-29As and two UBs have been upgraded by Russian Plane Company technicians to an improved MiG-29AS or MiG-29UBS mannequin aimed primarily at attaining air security and NATO interoperability commonplace. New elements included Rockwell-Collins navigation/safe communication programs, IFF programs, and new cockpit laptop and LCD shows supported by a digital processor.

Nonetheless, poor readiness and maintainability of the RD-33 engines meant solely a handful of Slovakian MiGs have been useable for operations or coaching at anyone time, resulting in a call in 2018 to retire the kind.

By the point Slovakia retired its final MiGs in August 2022, it was reportedly right down to just one pilot nonetheless actively flying airspace patrols, and armed solely with a gun on account of Slovakia missing air-to-air missiles in service.

Poland’s Fulcrums

Poland obtained its first 12 MiG-29s in 1989, adopted by 10 used plane bought from the Czech Republic within the mid-Nineteen Nineties and 22 acquired for one euro apiece from the German Air Power (although solely 11 remained lengthy in operational service.) Its these ex-German MiGs which can be ear-marked for Ukraine, no less than initially.

Between 2017-2019, three Polish MiG-29As have been misplaced in crashes, one in every of them deadly. All of Poland’s remaining 21 MiG-29As and 6 two-seat MiG-29UBs are modernized with new navigation system and GPS receivers, Thompson SB-14 radar warning receivers, and VHF/UHF radios. A subset of 16 have been collectively up to date by WZL and Israeli agency IAI with a MIL-1553B databus, colour multifunction shows, and trendy mission computer systems.

At the moment, the PAF’s 1st and 41st Tactical Squadrons nonetheless function the kind at Minsk Mazowiecki and Malbork, respectively. These included a half-dozen MiG-29UBs, whereas the remaining have been single-seat MiG-29As.

The MiG-29s have been due for eventual retirement because the Polish Air Power acquired F-16s, and can soon receive F-35A stealth fighters. After Russia invaded, Warsaw even mentioned it might gladly give all its MiGs away to U.S. for switch to Ukraine in trade for U.S. F-16s.

The Polish and Slovak MiGs are particularly the Object 9.12A export mannequin with downgraded N019E radars, laptop processors, and OEPrNK-29E electrooptical sensors, and with out wiring for nuclear weapons use. That makes them inferior to most Ukrainian MiGs, which have been Object 9.13 Fulcrum-Cs (which features a Gardeniya self-defense jammer in a hump behind the battle), and with out export-model downgrades.

Ukraine’s Soviet-Constructed Defender

MiG-29s are probably the most quite a few jet fighter within the Ukrainian Air Power, alongside a smaller pressure of beefier Su-27 jets akin to the F-15A fighter. Ukraine’s Fulcrums serve within the in its 40th, 114th,and 204th Tactical Aviation Brigades, and play a frontline position in its resistance towards Russian invasion.

a ukrainian mig 29 in 2018

A Ukrainian MiG-29 in 2018

Wikimedia Commons

Although Russia’s air pressure nonetheless operates an estimated 267 MiG-29s, and a handful of comparable however modernized MiG-35s, it has not deployed any for fight over Ukraine.

Within the early days of Russia’s 2022 invasion, Ukrainian MiGs have been recorded battling Russian military aircraft that descended on Kyiv and close by Hostomel airport, although a quantity have been shot down within the course of. Furthermore, personnel of the 40th Brigade needed to repel a nighttime ground attack by Russian commandos at Vasylkiv.

Whereas several MiG-29s were lost in air-to-air combat round Kyiv, Zhitomyr, and Mykolaive, Russian assaults on MiG bases destroyed only some plane on account of efficient dispersal earlier than hostilities.

Undoubtedly, Ukraine’s MiG-29s—much more than its Su-27s—are significantly outclassed by more modern Russian fighters, which profit from farther-seeing radars, longer-range R-77-1 and R-37M air-to-air missiles, and assist from A-50 Mainstay airborne early warning planes. However aided by floor controllers, the UAF’s MiGs and Su-27s have sustained a type of aerial guerilla warfare approaching Russian plane from low altitude to masks towards radar detection, and ducking again to pleasant airspace defended by Ukraine’s dense community of S-300 and Buk air protection missiles. They’ve additionally downed drones and cruise missiles lobbed by Russian bombers at Ukrainian cities.

Ukrainian MiG-29s have additionally been tailored to hold American AGM-88 HARM missiles designed to house in on air protection radars, which seem to have had no less than an area impression on Russian air defenses throughout Ukraine’s Kherson marketing campaign final fall.

For now, the air struggle over Ukraine stays a defensive stalemate, with neither facet keen and in a position to enterprise deep into hostile airspace with manned plane all that always. On condition that Russia’s air pressure is many occasions bigger and has way more trendy plane than Ukraine, that’s really fairly a feat.

An extra 17 MiG-29 won’t change the course of the air struggle, notably as they gained’t disrupt the technological benefit held by Russian fighters.

Nonetheless, they may assist maintain Ukraine, rolling again Russia’s hopes that it could possibly slowly grind away Ukraine’s Air Power, maybe sooner or later releasing it to penetrate deeper into Ukrainian airspace. Photographs and self-reports point out at least 18 Ukrainian MiG-29s have been confirmed misplaced in fight, that means the 17 MiGs incoming courtesy of Bratislava and Warsaw roll again a lot of Russia’s navy progress materially carrying down its smaller, however decided opponent.

This text was revised 3/20/2022 with further particulars on the scope of the switch.

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